Microsoft Posts Windows 10 November Update: Here's How To Download The ISO File


Users who need to install Windows 10 through a USB or DVD are advised to use the media creation tool of Microsoft when downloading and creating installation media.

Microsoft has just posted links to ISO formatted disk image files in time for the first upgrade of Windows 10. This way, users will be able to install the OS' latest version without having to wait for the code's release through the company's Windows Update.

Here are the steps needed in order to download the ISO file.

1. Go to the Software Download site and choose from the two options: upgrading your existing Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 machine and creating a DVD, USB or ISO file.

Those who are on an older system are advised to go ahead and get an upgrade. This will also make the process much simpler and faster as some steps are skipped.

Otherwise, users would have to skip down the page and click the "Download tool now" button. Next, click the "Run" option in the browser or you can run it from the Downloads folder.

2. After the "Run" stage is over, we can now create new media. This is done by clicking the option that says "Create installation media for another PC."

3. Click "Next."

You will then notice that some assumptions will be made according to the type of PC you are using. These assumptions would include the language, the edition of Windows 10 and whether it's 32-bit or 64-bit. When you feel the need to change anything, you have to uncheck the box that says "Use the recommended options for this PC."

4. Choose which media to use.

Here, Microsoft will tell you to "create and then run the media to install it" when you feel like installing Windows 10 on a different partition.

At this point, you can now choose between using a USB flash drive or an ISO file. Microsoft indicates that the flash drive should be at least 3 GB in size and that the ISO file needs to be burned into a DVD.

5. Select the file location where you want to save an ISO file if you choose to create one. Remember to give it a file name although you can also accept the default.

6. Click "Save."

It may take a while for the download to complete which can also depend on your Internet speed.

You will then see the words "Creating Windows 10 media" on the screen along with the percentage of the download progress.

7. Burn the ISO file to a DVD.

At this point, Microsoft will also give a few reminders in order to inform you whether you'll need a Windows 10 product key or not.

8. Click "Open DVD burner."

Doing this step will make the Windows Disc Image Burner app appear. In order to start burning, click the "Burn" button.

If an error message appears, just go to the download folder and right-click on the ISO file. Choose "Burn disc image."

9. Click "Finish" if there's no error.

When you choose instead to create a USB flash drive, you can follow the same above-mentioned steps and choose "USB Flash Drive" as your media. The screen will then show you some flash drives that are available. Click "Next" after you have picked the one that has the right amount of storage space.

Your screen will also show the words "Downloading Windows 10" and "Creating Windows 10 Media."

After you have created your media, be sure to follow further instructions in order to wrap up the installation process. This part will again depend on whether you will need a Windows 10 product key or not.

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